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Well a complete turn-around

Posted on 2006.10.06 at 02:07
Current Mood: satisfiedsatisfied
So in the past day, I got three job offers. I turned one down. So Monday-Thursday I'm gonna be a homework helper out for this kid James. I dunno what the hours are gonna be but it doesn't matter 'cause on Fridays I'm working with Tommy for 8 hours for $8 and altogether, that's a decent amount of cash I believe. I'm pretty good on my schoolwork. I have my book report half-finished so that's okay by me. Not much going on next week especially since we don't have classes on Tuesday. I begin my job next Monday so that won't be bad. After how bad I sucked with the Anthro test, I now know that I have to study like hell. That's what's good about having four tests in a semester. I can eff up one test but then do well after that. I'm not too worried. I think I have theatre class tomorrow but that's alright. After class I have to go get my time card and figure out some more stuff with payroll. Then I'm going home to sleep since I'm going with Tommy to work. Lovely. I didn't wanna tell my mom about either job so then I could keep milking money from her but whatevs. I knew she would figure shit out sooner or later. I didn't tell her about the job with Tommy because that's an easy like $60 a week. Makes me happy. My roommate is pretty hilarious. I wanna see Marie Antionette on the 20th just to see how accurate it is. I used to have this idolized idea of her, some great queen who was wonderful to her people and was unjustly killed. In all actuality, she was just a beauty who only desired clothes and actually began to be a great queen when it mattered least: days before her execution. I dunno. I'm a fucking weirdo like that. Grey's Anatomy was fantastic this week. So was Gilmore Girls. I only watch two shows now so that makes me happy. Don't have to focus on shit so much. Psych won't be bad and hopefully we're gonna do something interesting in Theatre. Bleh. I have a headache. Oh well. I'm still happy ^.^

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